The Art of Mary Harman:  Most Recent Paintings

Last Update: May 2019


Dawn over the St. Lawrence (2019), acrylic on on wood panel 20x34"


Clouds Descending (2019) 16x20" oil on wood


November Sky       (2018)  8x8" oil on wood panel          


November Street  2018         14x14" oil on canvas         

                             Poet Norm Sibum
       oil on wood panel 20x20" (2018)

….Who’s euphoric? Who's idiot enough
For all that hoopla, that dog and pony
But a too low order of self-styled artist
For whom art is a party favour?
Sex, misery, filthy lucre
Are at the bottom of all thinking
And the rest is scheming. And light
With its long-nailed fingers claws
Across a sky
Bringing day—

excerpt from the poem     Near the Missisquoi (2012)


What do our souls seek journeying
on the decks of decayed ships?

                   – George Seferis, Mythistorema      





 Small Crowd #3  (2018) 8"x8"   sold





 Small Crowds Series: Civil Discourse    (2017-18)       each 8"x8" 



      The Edge of the Meadow  (2016)  12x16"   sold    




      Winter Poem           sold


               Buanderie           sold

Tea with Lemon
            Cafe          sold


All paintings above 8x8 inches        (2016)







At Sea             (2015)       Acrylic on canvas  sold         16" x 16"        








Soupe du jour      (2015)         acrylic on linen/wood panel           16" x 16"






Smoke From Distant Fires       (2014)            sold           12" x 16"








Ship of State   (Adrift)            2014            sold         12 x 16"








Containment     2014           16" x 12"







New Order     2014          16" x 24"









Intersection    (revised 2014)        sold   each 12" x 16"







Here We Stand (Where Are We Going?   (2013)       sold                  12 x 16"





                                 The Soul of Things   (2011)                  sold                           12" x 36"








          The Shadows of Beauty Lengthen        (After Canaletto)     sold         12" x 16" 






           Family    (2012)          sold                         12" x 16"





          When the Circus Leaves Town  (2010)              sold        24" x 30"





               Lost Paintings  (2010)                 sold       24" x 30"






  Lost Paintings   (detail)




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