Selected Paintings:    Muses and Fools

last update August 3, 2012



                                        The Entertainers                 (sold)           16 x 20     




From     Cecil Collins, ‘The Vision of the Fool’

Where a real civilization exists there also exists some degree of reverence for the Fool in men, and an understanding of the vocation of the Fool, by allowing him to live and move through society, clad in the ironic beauty of his devotion and compassion to the heart of man … A society that has lost its reverence for poetic imagination has in reality lost its creative pride in life; with this gone, it has dropped into the universal welter of a vulgar search for mechanical pleasures of an incredible stupidity, and has forgotten the immortal goal of life. Soon everything will be cancelled out. Our disillusionment will be complete. And from complete disillusionment there can come only two things; final decay and death, or the birth of a faith … The artist is a fool, and Art is a cosmic folly by which purity of consciousness can be attained. For the Fool, the artist, and the priest, are the victims of the radiance of life. The true priest is a fool whose purity of spirit is the folly by which the world grows and becomes enlightened. But modern society, by its concentration upon Science to the point when it threatens to sterilize the growth and life of the human psyche, has outlawed the priest, the artist and the Fool; and has consequently outlawed an entire field of human vision


quoted by Marius Kociejowski in "The Soul of Things: Mary Harman and her Art"

PN Review 200, Volume 37 Number 6, June - July 2011









       "Family"            (2012)     12" X 16"    sold







Madonna of the Wolves          24" x 30"









                              Sleeping Muse                             10 x 13.5     








                                     Blind Muse                     10 x 12           sold  









                                                Entertainers 2                            14 x 24     









                                            Arrest of the Clowns                            12 x 16     









                                  Dancing with Fools                    (sold)              12 x 16     










                                               Voyage                         (sold)          12 x 16     









                             Keeper of My Soul                       (sold)        30" x 60"       









                                                Bird Market                       (sold)     12 x 16     






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