Mary Cleemput Harman

Born: Avis, Ohio, USA 1944

Art Education

1991 Ontario College of Art, Toronto (Holography workshops)
1991 New York Holographic Labs, N.Y.
1985 Fringe Research Holographics, Toronto
1978-80 Art’s Sake Inc., Toronto
1969 Montreal Museum of Fine Art
1968 Syracuse University Syracuse, N. Y.
1966-68 Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Grants and Awards:

2009 "Holographic Book Project"  Ontario College of Art and Design/ Photon League
2009 International Holography Fund grant: ISDH,
 Shenzhen China
2000 Canada Council - Travel Grant
1999 Conseil des arts et des letters du Quebec Travel Grant
1997 Award for holography materials (Shearwater Foundation USA)
1996 Funding to attend International Holography Symposium (Shearwater)
1993 Award for Excellence in Art Holography (Shearwater)
1993 Toledo(Ohio) Museum of Art Area Artists (Juried) Roulet Medal for Painting
1992 Ontario Arts Council Holography Project Grant
1991 Ontario Arts Council Jury Member Holography
1991 Canada Council Jury Member Media Arts (Holography)
1990 Canada Council Media Arts Project Grant (Holography)
1990 Ontario Arts Council - Holography Project Grant
1988 Canada Council Media Arts Project Grant (Holography)
1987 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition assistance
1986 Canada Council Media Arts Project Grant (Holography)
1985 Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance

EXHIBITIONS * indicates solo exhibition

2019   Face to Face (Jan 24-March 9)  Beaux-arts des Ameriques, Montreal
2018   Art in Holography: Light, Space, and Time    University of Aveiro, 
           Portugal June - October
2018   Slow Art Day   Champlain NY, April 14 (two person exhibition)
2017   Currents New Media   Santa Fe, New Mexico ("Aura Kinetica") June 9-25
2015   The Magic of Light    St. Petersburg Russia
2015   Affordable Art Fair  Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY (Beaux-arts des Amériques)
2015   Still Life Revisited    Beaux-arts des Amériques, Montreal
2014   Distant Fires    Galerie Luz, Montreal, Quebec *
2013   Interference/Coexistence   Clocktower, Queens Plaza, Queens NY
2013   Art as Light     Ann St. Gallery, Newburgh, NY
2012   Group exhibition   Studio Georgeville, Georgeville, Quebec
2011   The Art of Shaping Light   Center for 4D Arts, Beacon, NY
2011   Juried Exhibition   Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Point Claire, Quebec
2009   Object and Illusion    Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio USA *
2007   Shelf Life     Center for Holographic Arts, Long Island City, NY *
2007   Lost Horizons   Sundance Gallery, Brunswick, MD *
2006   Rome Paintings  West End Gallery, Montreal *
2003   Interiors   West End Gallery, Montreal .*
2002   Toledo Area Artists Exhibition   Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH
2001   Bridge to Other Places   WestEnd Gallery, Montreal *
1999   Generations   New York, Florida, Tucson MOCA, touring Centre for Holography NY
1999   Visions of the Twenty-First Century   Art Gallery of Canton, Ohio
1998   Contemporary Realism   WestEnd Gallery, Montreal
1998   Realistic Painting    Seymour Art Gallery, Vancouver
1997   Paintings and Other Illusions    L’Imagier, Aylmer, Quebec*
1996   Recent Paintings    Art Sutton, Sutton, Quebec *
1996   Moving Images    Museum of Holography, Chicago
1994   Unsubstantial   Galerie Arts Technologiques, Montreal *
1993   Unsubstantial and Immaterial"    Interference Hologram Gallery,Toronto *
1993   Fifth International Exhibit of Holography    Lake Forest, Illinois
1992   Fiat Lux   touring exhibition of Holography, Spain
1991   Parallel Allegories   Museum of Holography, NY
1991   Fourth International Exhibit of Holography    Lake Forest, Illinois
1991   Interpretations of Space    Museum of Holography, Chicago
1990   Excerpts   Glendon Gallery, University of Toronto (3 person)
1990   Transitional States    Interference Hologram Gallery, Toronto *
1990   Holographie au feminin    L’Imagier, Aylmer, Quebec *
1990   Captured Light    Museum of Holography, NY
1990   Conference on Art and Holography  Notre Dame, Indiana
1989   World of Holography    Nagoya Science Museum, Japan
1988   Third International Exhibit of Holography  Lake Forest, Illinois
1988   International Sculpture Conference   Dublin, Ireland
1988   Reconstructions   Interference Hologram Gallery, Toronto *
1985   Object and Illusion   Hart House, University of Toronto *

Artist in Residencies

2013 Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Skopelos, Greece
2002 Center for Holographic Arts, New York
1999 Center for Holographic Arts, New York
1992 Fringe Research, Toronto
1991 Museum of Holography, New York, N.Y.
1987 Fringe Research, Toronto
1996 Fringe Research, Toronto

Artworks in Major Collections:

Hellenic Institute of Holography, Athens, Greece
Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio USA
Museum of Holography, Chicago
Nagoya Science Museum, Japan
JR Ross Collection (Holograms) London, UK

Paintings in Private Collections Greece, Italy, Canada, UK, Ireland, USA, France

Published Book Covers:

2020 Gardens of the Interregnum Norm Sibum, Biblioasis Press, Windsor, Ontario
2015 Zoraster's Children Marius Kociejowski, Biblioasis
2015 Pour une poésie impure Robert Melançon Les Éditions du Boréal, Montréal
2014 The Pebble Chance Marius Kociejowski, Biblioasis
2012 Sub Divo Sibum, Biblioasis
2011 Raptors Toon Tellegen, Carcanet Press
2009 Poetry Nation Review Carcanet (7 covers 2006 - 2009)
2009 Smoke and Lilacs Sibum, Carcanet
2009 The Pangborn Defence Sibum, Biblioasis
2005 Trouble Came to the Turnip Caroline Bird, Carcanet
2004 Intimations of a Realm in Jeopardy Sibum, Porcupine’s Quill
2002 Girls and Handsome Dogs Sibum, Porcupine’s Quill, Ontario
1998 The November Propertius Sibum, Carcanet Press, UK
1998 Mapping the Soul Stephen Morrissey, poet, The Muses’s Company, Montreal